SOLD: 2006 Panhead Custom

Sweet 2006 Panhead Custom, a real head turner for sure......

Pandemonium Engines provide quality & power.

Approximately 1,200 miles (TMU)

Custom Leather Seat


Features include:

Sprocket shaft 5 speed transmission.

Dual-plug STD heads with O-ring sealed intake ports and exhaust port flanges.

Heavy duty STD cases that allow either generator or alternator charging system.

Superior lubrication with modified top-end oiling routing and end oiler pinion shaft design.

88 cubic inch (3-5/8" bore cylinders).

Forged 8.25:1 compression pistons.

.470 lift, AB grind cam.

S&S« Super E carb, timing gear, idler gears, and pistons.

Jims« pinion, big axle tappet bodies.

Rev Tech Cylinders, crankshaft, heavy duty connecting rods, and stainless steel valves.

Andrews cam, valve springs, collars.

Mallory Uni-lite ignition.

Rowe valve guides.

Owner has approximately 1,300 miles on the Bike.