Performance Engine Building

We have been building and machining motors for over 15 years. We love building the old school knuckles, pans and shovels. We do Evos and Twin Cam as well.

We have all the right equipment, specialty tools and machinery to build everything from a full blown stroker to stock rebuilds.

We do all machining and building "in house", nothing ever gets out to the other guy!

Here's some of our equipment:

Quickway boring Bar

Sunnen Hone Machine

SS Balancing Equipment

Quickway Seat Cutters

Soiux Valve Machine

I want to save you money where I can, so let us do all the machine work and you can assemble yourself. Or we will build it complete from start to finish, you decide, as always you are in control of your bike's needs.

Once we receive your motor parts, James Cole will personally inspect for any cracks or excessive damage, then he'll give you a call by phone.

Motor Pricing:

Complete engine: $900 Labor

Valve job with guide: $180 pair

Cylinder boring: $100 pair

883-1200 conversion: $150 pair

88 to 95 Cl: $150 pair

Lower end complete: $480 - bare $325

Dealer Inquiries Invited

Port heads: $400 pair

Breather hold repair: $80

(Stroker Motors, call for quote)